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Our Mission

We are an interdisciplinary team that develops and applies forecasts of ecosystem dynamics.

We are an action-oriented research center: we collect and analyze environmental data; build and share ecological models and software; create and assess a diversity of forecasting methods; translate and communicate forecasts for decision support; and partner and engage with forecast users. We strive to advance the discipline of ecosystem forecasting globally by leading cutting-edge forecasting research, education, and community engagement.

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Reimagining the future of ecological forecasting.

Our vision is to be an international leader in forecasting research, training, and applications by integrating predictive modeling, cyberinfrastructure, and decision support to understand and manage ecosystems across the globe.

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  • Ecology + Models + Uncertainty
  • Ecology + Models + Uncertainty
  • Ecology + Models + Uncertainty

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Why This Work Matters

We can no longer use historical baselines to predict tomorrow’s environmental conditions.

The environment is changing dramatically, and quickly.

We develop tools to predict future environmental conditions, in the way the National Weather Service currently forecasts weather. The environmental variables we focus on provide critical services for society and bolster our understanding of natural resource management.